2018 Seoul Metropolitan Tango Championship | Juries

Four Argentine juries for a fair competition.

The judging committee consists of four members. The juries understand and agree with the rules, comply with these regulations, and score couples who participate in the competition. If participants do not trust or agree with the decision of the judging committee, you should submit documents in Spanish or English to the organizers but not directly to the juries. Participants can not be scored if they have a relationship with any of the juries up to six months before the start of the competition, or if the juries were the teacher of this player. For this purpose, we will review the voluntary statements of the juries and the information provided at the time of registration.

The organizing committee of the Korea Tango Cooperative (KTC) does not allow any private contact between the committee members except for the official means of contact for the event after the selection of the committee members, and declares and implements the principle of imposing strong sanctions such as expulsion of the committee. This is KTC’s strong desire and will to clean up and fair this competition more than any other competition. Please believe in the efforts of our KTC members for a fair competition and stand on the stage. We wish you all the best.


Juries introduction

Enrique Morales & Carolina Alberici

Juries 1

Roberto Zuccarino & Maria Ines Bogado

juries 2