2018 Seoul  Metropolitan Tango Championship | Information

 2018 Seoul Metropolitan Tango Championship


SEOUL METROPOLITAN TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP, which will be held from 2014 to this year, is Korea’s leading tango competition following KOREA INTERNATIONAL TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP. The official competition of the World Tango (Tango BsAs Festival & Mundial) is held in 12 countries around the world. It is held in three countries in Asia: Korea, China and Japan. These three world tournaments in Korea, China and Japan are the venues for Asian tango to compete in tango skills and learn about each other. KOREA INTERNATIONAL TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP, which is held in Korea, is considered to be the most active and well organized competition among them. SEOUL METROPOLITAN TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP is a sub-competition of KOREA INTERNATIONAL TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP and became the best tango competition for the autumn tango competition. In the 5th competition in 2018, five more colorful and exciting genres have been added to the three existing genres tango, Milonga and vals. From Jack & Jill that can participate alone to Nuevo style genres , all genres of current Argentine tango will add to the interest of the competition. Especially, from this competition, the Seoul Tango Marathon is combined with the competition. We would like to invite you to participate and support the fall festival of Korea Tango and the Seoul Metropolitan Tango Championship.

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