2020 Korea International Tango Championship | Notices

2020 Korea International Tango Championship

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2020-02-12 23:49

*Time and Location
Korea International Tango Championship 2020 will be held in Yongsan Art Hall in Seoul - hosted by KTC, sponsored by Argentina Embassy in Korea and Yongsan-gu Office.


The jury of Korea International Tango Championship 2020 will be open to the public immediately after June 1st, when the registration is closed. The jury will be composed of two Tango Maestro couples (total 4 people), who will be officially supervised and approved by City of Buenos Aires.


The registration will be opened during February 17, 2020 to May 31, 2020, available at KTC’s official website (www.koreatango.co.kr). 3 steps for the registration are 1) Apply, 2) Pay, 3) Confirmation e-mail. Applicants must receive the confirmation e-mail from KTC in order to participate in the competition.


*Registration Fee
The registration fee (KRW 150,000 for each couple, each category) includes the entrance fee for 2 Milongas – 1) Welcome Milonga (on June 11, 2020 Thursday) and 2) The Grand Milonga (on June 14, 2020 Sunday). The Stage Milonga (on June 12, 2020 Friday) is free of charge, everyone who wares tango shoes will be welcomed.


The registration for Formation category will be closed on April 30, 2020 – this category needs to have at least 3 teams to be held.


*Senior Category
In order to apply for the Senior category, which is one of the preliminary round of Tango de Pista, the total sum age of a couple must exceed 100 years (based on the competition date: June 12, 2020).