2020 Korea International Tango Championship | Intro



The 18th Mundial Tango Championship 2020 is the most recognized international tango competition and festival since 2003. Tango dancers from all over the world participate in this festival, approximately 800 couples will compete each other. It is regarded as a great honor to be a finalist in the final match.
Mundial Tango Championship is also well-known for producing the most professional tango dancers.

The tango championship consists with two big categories that are Tango de Pista and Escenario (stage tango). Tango de Pista is an impromptu dance, while Escenario (stage tango) is a choreography. A large number of dancers and amateurs congregate in Argentina to participate in this competition. During the 15-days-long festival, participants can interact with many tango dancers and musicians.
The Asia preliminaries are held during April~June in Korea, Japan and China.
In August, the qualifiers from the preliminaries can participate the main competition in Argentina. Therefore, during every August, all attentions of tango dancers around the world is focused to Argentina.

KTC (Korea Tango Cooperative) was established in 2013 to aim improvement of Tango in Korea and to host the Mundial Tango Championship.
Finally, Korea has been the host for The Asia preliminaries of Mundial Tango Championship since 2014. Since the KTC’s 1st preliminaries in January 2014, all tango dancers from 15 Asian countries are welcomed in Korea annually.
Korea is one of the most attractive country that Argentina focuses on, for its largest demand for Tango in Asia, and a homeland of many talented tango dancers.
Above all, the city of Seoul is recognized as “Buenos Aires in Asia” for being a heart of Tango.
Since 2020, KTC and Yongsan-gu Office (a district office in Seoul) singed MOU which provides Yongsan Art Hall as the location of the festival, allowing Seoul citizens to be the audience without any charge.
Until further notice, Korea International Tango Championship will continue annually in Yongsan Art Hall in the last weekend of May.