2019 Korea International Tango Championship | Application


To be eligible to register, dance partners must be 18 years of age by the start date of the local competition and must demonstrate a minimum of 3 (three) years of residence within the area of influence of the corresponding Preliminary.

No one will be allowed to register two or more times in the same category, but it will be possible in different ones, with the same or a different partner. If both members of the couple are natives or residents of different cities, they will have to choose the city of residence or birth of either one, as couples are allowed to represent only one city.


Application Period : 1st. March ~ 10th. May 2019

Championship Period : 17th ~ 19th May 2019


Admission Fee

Tango de Pista – 130 US$ or 130,000 KRW (per couple)

Milonga - 130 US$ or 130,000 KRW (per couple)

Vals - 130 US$ or 130,000 KRW (per couple)

Tango Escenario – 130 US$ or 130,000 KRW (per couple)

Formation – 50 US$ or 50,000 KRW (per person)

Singles (Jack & Jill) – 50 US$ or 50,000 KRW (per person)


Foreingers can pay admission fee at the door of championship Place.

Bank Account : Woori Bank 1005-702-427026 Korea Tango Cooperative (KTC)

Info : koreatango5@gmail.com / 82-10-6253-0560
All participants must bring valid identification (passport or other official identification) at the time of registration.
Download the application attached to KTC’s email on the day of competition and submit it to the front desk.


Korea Tango Championship 2019 (official Preliminary of Tango Buenos Aires Festival & Dance World Cup 2019) is limited to the participants from 19 Asian countries : Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, New zealand, Brunei, India

Application Form
If you want to participate formation category, Plaea email us