2019 Korea International Tango Championship | English



MUNDIAL TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP, which is the 17th this year since 2003, is the biggest international tango competition and festival held in Argentina.

It is the worldly authorized international competition where people who dance tango all over the world participate in and going to the final after competing with approximately 800 couples is regarded as a great honor.

Most professional dancers who are well-known globally are from MUNDIAL TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP. The competition has two different categories that are Tango de Pista, which people dance tango extemporally according to the music, and Tango Escenario, which a couple performs choreography.

MUNDIAL TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP means a lot to people all over the world.

People who dance tango all over the world are being watched with keen interest and the local people in Argentina enjoy the festival.

The asian preliminary of MUNDIAL TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP, which is held in August in Argentina, is held in May in Korea, Japan, and china.

The asian preliminary of MUNDIAL TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP has been held in Korea since 2014.

Korean has attracted attention in Argentina since it produces many dancers

of distinguished talent and has the most demand in Tango in Asia.

Also, Korea Tango Championship & Festival is planned as a nation-wide festival where the whole nation can enjoy,

not only for the people who dance tango since it has been supported by many public organizations and enterprises

such as the city of Seoul, The city of Buenos Aires, Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Korea,

LATAM Airlines

The 5th Korea International Tango Championship and Festival is leading a new festival culture in Korea by having many different programs where public can participate in and enjoy, such as latin dance performances, live concerts, free performances and sharing events for disadvantaged, including the competition.


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