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Directores Artisticos de la Acacdemia de Tango Argentino Tango Florido.
• Since 2012 we have been artistic directors of the school ‘Florido Tango’ in the city of Firenze and part of the permanent staff of teachers of ‘Barrio Tango’ in Rome.
• 2013 Chianti Tango Festival • We created and directed the show ‘A Dream Called Dance’ for the District Tango We are professionally trained dancers, including classical dances, Folklore and Tango.
• We are Tango teachers with extensive teaching experience in Buenos Aires, Europe and Latin America.
• In the1997 ‘Festival of Youth’ tournaments we won the category ‘Non-traditional Tango ensemble’, and obtained second place in the couple section.
• Since 1999 we have been part of the municipality of Lanús’ artistic cast, participating in different shows along with Tito Reyes, Hugo de el Carril (son), Abel Cordoba, Hugo Marcel, Argentino Ledesma (son)
• In 2006 we obtained third place in the lV Metropolitan Championship of the city of Buenos Aires.
• In Buenos Aires we formed part of the cast of featured Dinner Shows including Homero Manzi, Piazzolla Tango and Tango of the 900.
• We formed part of the company ‘Corporation Tango’ performing with that company in tours of Latin America, Europe and a very successful season in the Broadway Theatre, Buenos Aires.
• Since 2010 we have made tours as teachers and dancers, executing workshops and shows in different countries in Europe (Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, etc).
• 2010 Todi Tango Festival. Finale Ligure Tango Festival.
• 2011 Todi Tango Festival.
• 2011 Two of the first teachers at the inauguration of the Academy of Tango Argentino in Genoa ‘El Fueye Tango Club’. School, in Rome

Angel Fabian Coria / ANNA YARIGO

Dancer, choreographer and Maestro of Tango

He was born on May 10, 1969, in a little town of the province of Chaco, Argentina

Angel is know as one of the principal dancers in the film Tango by Carlos Saura(1998), which was nominated for an Oscar and won the 1999 American Choreography Award of the Academy of Dance on Film. He not only played the roll of a dancer but the assistant of the choreographer played by Juan Carlos Copes.

As a dancer he exposes his passion with elegance and sensual style. There are two for Tango and a lot of passion, the dancer gives his vent to imagination and creativity to tell a story of love or hate in few minutes.  He transmits that deep connection not only to his partner but to the audience.

He shared stage with great Tango Masters like Juan Carlos Copes(Play “Entre Borges y Piazzolla” (1997)won the “Estrella de Mar Awar”,and from 1998-2002 was part of Cope’s company, Mariano Mores(1995), Julian Plaza(1998), Maria y Carlos Rivarola (for world championship of Tango in 2002), Raul Lavie(1997),Virginia Luquez(2002-2005), Maria Granas(Play Copes Tango Copes 2002), Sexteto Mayor(Play “Tangos y Gaucho, Portugal, Spain Bulgaria1992), José Colangello (Japan, 1996) Osvaldo Berdincely (Japan 2003), Alberto Podesta(Spain and Portugal 1992) to name a few.

He was the director of choreography for many shows such us “Buenos Aires Bohemia” ((1998) Shanghai, China), El Viejo Almacen, Manofactura Papelera (Buenos Aires, Argentina.)He performed and was the director of choreography on TV (1990) “El Gran Debut”.

He teaches conferences worldwide.  He toured and performed in USA, China, Japan, Italy, Germany Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Montenegro, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay.

His is and experienced, dedicated and modest maestro.  When you meet Mr. Coria you will find precision, control, elegance, musical interpretation, approaching the interpretation to incorporate pauses, change of tempo, and listen to the melody instead of rhythm.  Listen to the partner and incorporate what, the partner communicated him, but most important, to interpret with the energy formed by a close body connection.

In the class, he insures to get creativity environment, to reveal and encourage personal creativity and potentials.

……the legs and feet have a very exclusive language capable of drawing silent shapes that reveals what words can’t do.  The Tango starts above, in the mind and goes down to the heart.

Mr. Corea is loyal to his essences he defends the traditional tango but he can merge the old time Tango with modern Tango without loosing his particular style.

He also was the assistant of directing and was involved on the choreography for the National Ballet of Folklore (1990)

Angel Coria began dancing folklore at the age of 8 and made his professional debut in 1986 with the “Ballet del Plata” and won the Cosquin Award.

I am a professional dancer and teacher of tango Argentino since 2006. I had more then 25

year of dancing experience in classic, ballroom, jazz, choreography, acrobatic, modern,

hip-hop/R&B and social dancing.

I have been taking classes with old and new generations of tango Maestros. In my

teaching I try to show how easy and comfortable is dancing and how wonderful it can be

if you know how to move your body in your own way, and not doing any copies.

In the class I focus on what people are ready to be tough, as each group is very

particular, as each body is very different. I show what to do, but explain HOW TO DO, that

is more important for me in teaching, as it is as well more challenging.

I wish that people dance tango in the way they FEEL it, and not in the way the know how

to dance!

I use all my knowledge of the body mechanics from all my non tango experience for

teaching and dancing!

I worked in various schools and festivals around the world:

Germay: Munich , Nuremberg, Ludwinburg , Frankfurt , Wuppertal, Inglostad , Ulm

/ Switzerland – Geneva, Chur / Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur / Finland – Oulu / Poland: Warsaw

/ Belarus: Minsk / Ukraine: Crimea / Netherlands: Amsterdam , Haag , Texel, Rotterdam

/ Belgium: Brussels, Hasselt, Ekeren / UK: Bournemouth / Lithuania: Vilnius

/ Spain: Vigo , Seville , Madrid , Barcelona , Girona , Conil de la Frontera , Cadiz, Santiago

/ Compostela , La Coruña / Luxembourg / Russia: Moscow, Samara, Toliaty, Ulianovsk

/ Turkey: Istambul , Antalya / France: Saint Raphael / Argentina: Buenos Aires

/ Italy: Napoli , Rome, Terracina , Sperlonga, Sardegna , Torino, Milano , Pisa , Vicenza,

/ Moena and many more.

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